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The Best Laptop Repairs Service in Harrow, London

FixanPhone also offers the service of laptop repairs for any type of software or hardware issues. We understand how it feels to have a fault in your laptop. We know how important the laptop is in your daily life and work. It’s hard to pass a day without a laptop for a working person in this digital world. The need for Laptop’s power is increasing in day to day activities, and every day there are a lot of people with some faults in their machines that come to us. We are providing the best services for laptop repairs in Harrow, London, and making sure we do our best every day. Every Time and every day it needs the same back from us. So, don’t worry about any issues with your laptop. FixanPhone is Providing the Exceptional Service of laptop repairs in Harrow, London.

Don’t fall for a low price laptop repairing at any shop as it will not be safe and reliable for your device. In such laptop repairs, they are not experienced and use low-quality parts that can risk your device or may lead to the permanent death of the laptop.


Why Choose Us?

We are FAST

We take pride in our quick service time. Any straight forward repairs can be collected within hours. We have a team to repair all types of issues of the laptop and can serve multiple customers at a time.


Be assured that your gadgets and devices are in good hands. We provide genuine and high-quality service and parts with a warrant. We'll share complete issue details on your device. We won’t start the repair till we get a go-ahead from you.


Be sure to save up to 70% as compared to the Authentic Service Centre. No hidden charges for any services or gadgets. FixanPhone offers the most competitive prices as compared to our competitors in Harrow, London.

Common Laptop Repair

Power Jack and Motherboard Repair. LCD Screen, Backlight, Invertor and Hinge Repair. Hard Drive Replacement, Viruses, Spyware, Trojan, Worm and Adware Identification and Removal. Windows Operating System Re-installation. Laptop, Keyboard and Touchpad Repair. Memory Replacement and Upgrades. Liquid Spillage.

Laptop Battery

If your laptop battery doesn’t hold its charge anymore or is dead, let us have the make and model and we can replace it for you. We can source replacement laptop batteries for any brand of laptop that always meets the original manufacturer’s specifications. We can also help with laptop chargers as well. Make sure to have a battery with good backup.

Hard Drive Repair

As laptops are mobile devices with mechanical hard drives mostly, they are susceptible to knocks and drops and consequently a failure. If your laptop won’t start or runs very slowly, it’s likely you have a failing hard drive. We can fit an SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drive that is more reliable and transfer your valuable data from your old laptop hard drive.

Laptop Overheating Repair

An overheating laptop is, unfortunately, a very common issue but needs to be fixed as it can lead to further major issues. There are a number of reasons why your laptop overheats. The most common of these being a dirty and dusty internal fan that restricts the airflow.

Liquid Spillage

It is a bad combination of liquid with laptop but accidents can happen and you may spill your coffee or juice on your laptop. Laptop operates on electricity and electricity can not mix with liquids and can harm you. In such situation the first thing you should do is to turn off your laptop and cut the power cable and battery as soon as possible.

Laptop Repair Specialist

If you need a laptop repair specialist in Harrow, London who you can trust, we are here for you. As leading experts in our field of laptop repair, we successfully repair hundreds of broken and faulty laptops, MacBook, MacBook pro, notebooks, netbooks and PCs.