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Are you having some issues with your notebook or laptop? Are you looking for a laptop repair? No worries because we can fix it for you. We offer the best Laptop repair services in Harrow with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. We have certified professional tech experts that will find and fix your issue in no time and if there is no issue or no fix then no fee.

We are experts in diagnosing and fixing any of the problems you are experiencing with any laptop brand at FixanPhone. Some of the common problem observed in laptops people bring to repair are Window errors, malware removal, Broken screens, charging port issues, broken hinges, overheating, blue screens, boot issue, keyboard or mousepad problem, slow speed, password removal, wireless issue, data recovery or sometimes dead motherboard and many more.

Broken Laptop Screen

If you have a faulty or Broken laptop screen, we can fix it for you. Although there are many brands with different screen sizes and resolutions but we have almost all of these available for you. We can replace your laptop screen with a new and genuine screen regardless of the brand of your laptop. You can contact us at any time for queries or estimates. The most common screens are available in our stock. In case of unavailability, we can bring one for your laptop.

Laptop Motherboard and Hardware Issue

Our professionals are experienced and can repair any of your laptop’s hardware problems.

It includes motherboard repair, Hard Drive or disk drive replacement, wireless card repair or replacement, laptop auto shutting down or black screen, or many other problems. We have the hardware parts available for all laptop brands with a warranty. If you are experiencing any issue with your laptop, we can repair it instantly.

Software Issue

If there is some software issue in your laptop such as your pc boot isn’t loading and your laptop is displaying a blue screen, you are getting any error messages, your pc is getting slow or having a corrupt operating system we can repair your laptop and fix all of its software issues and make it work smoothly again. We also offer data backup and recovery services. So, if unfortunately, you lose your data we can recover it for you. Make sure to always have a backup of your important data to keep it safe. If you don’t know how to create a backup then we can do it for you.

Broken Jack or Ports

If somehow you messed us your laptop charging port of any other port and it’s not working, we have all the necessary equipment and skills required to fix this issue in the house. The charging port in the laptop is actually a DC Jack fixed over the motherboard. We can repair the jack or can replace it if required by any laptop brand. Some people get their headphone jack broken in the laptop ports. It leaves your laptop soundless. We can open and remove the broken jack from your laptop port.

Battery Issue

One of the common issues seen is battery issue due to overcharge or with time the laptop batteries decay and go out of order. We have lithium batteries available for all laptop models. If you are experiencing such an issue come and Replace your laptop battery with a new one to have the long back up again.

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues or some other issue with your laptop we can repair and fix it for you. We are the best laptop repairs in Harrow with advanced repair equipment and tech experts available.

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